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Sexual Assault Court-Martial Training


PFC Smith was sexually assaulted by SGT Daniels at his barracks after a night of drinking.

The case file, a recorded phone call, and a contradiction between SGT Daniels’ statement and his testimony may be enough for a panel to find him guilty, but his excellent service record, good reputation, and exceptional courtesy in the courtroom may save him. PFC Smith’s actions before the assault and her conduct in the courtroom may call her character into question. Your goal is justice—can you achieve your goal?

Sexual Assault Court-Martial Training

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Users of the Sexual Assault Court-Martial training system are JAG Officers and trainees who assume the role of Trial Counsel prosecuting SGT Daniels. The training system contains 20 interactive learning modules covering aspects of a sexual assault case from investigation to sentencing. Users can navigate the modules in any order to learn, refresh, and practice skills.

There are three courtroom simulations in the modules. Users practice the direct questioning of PFC Smith, cross examination of SGT Daniels, and impeachment of SGT Daniels.

PFC Smith acts differently in each simulated direct, varying in her composure and cooperation with questioning. The user can help PFC Smith’s testimony with good questioning. The user can also make mistakes that cause PFC Smith to share information that can call her character into question, raise objections, or lead PFC Smith to lose her composure or her trust in the user.

SGT Daniels also presents different challenges in each simulated cross examination or impeachment. If the user gives him the chance, SGT Daniels will gain confidence, explaining his actions in a variety of ways. He may convincingly paint the picture of a sexual act instituted by PFC Smith or talk about details that portray himself as a good guy.

Additional video training includes working with a witness, voir dire, admitting evidence, and the direct examination of SGT Daniels.

Users receive real-time support and feedback from an on-screen coach and post-simulation feedback based on how well they performed in their questioning. After training with this system, users will gain experience in investigating, preparing for, prosecuting, and sentencing for sexual assault cases, as well as expertise in questioning witnesses.