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Military Suicide Intervention Training System


Army infantryman Billy Parker is in your office, reaching out for help.

Strained and depressed, Billy finds himself overwhelmed by the circumstances in his life and may be struggling with suicidal throughts. Realizing the seriousness of Billy's situation, your mission is to build his trust so he will openly discuss his life with you. You must evaluate the information learned from your conversation to assess Billy's suicide risk and develop an appropriate intervention.

Military Suicide Intervention Training System

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Built to provide suicide intervention training to Army chaplains, social workers, counselors, and other health care providers, the ASSISTR training system featuring Billy Parker will impart useful intervention strategies while training counselors to gain the confidence of their patients. Billy's suicide risk level, emotional state, and life history are different in each conversation, so users will gain a range of experiences. After weighing numerous factors, users must give appropriate advice and create different interventions, because one plan will not fit all scenarios. Obtaining experience through simulated counseling sessions allows users to make and learn from mistakes that could be catastrophic in an actual clinical setting. The high-stakes nature of the conversation will draw users in and encourage them to practice talking to Billy over and over. Users will gain mastery, comfort, and confidence through interactions with Billy Parker.

Users can refer back to educational content to refresh their knowledge of intervention strategies and indicators of risk at any point in the conversation. On-screen assistance is also available through a help coach who provides real-time feedback. Mastery of learning objectives is assessed at the end of each simulated conversation. Users receive qualitative and quantitative feedback to improve in subsequent sessions with Billy Parker.