Christy Johnson

Project Planning With Your Superior Officer Training System


Have you been in a position where you needed to inform a supervisor of an important subject but were unsure of how to be informative but not authoritative?

Are instructions sometimes unclear, or do you wish you could respectfully point out new ideas or thoughts to a supervisor who is sometimes difficult to work with?

Project Planning With Your Superior Officer

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Users of the Operational Planning Update: Afghanistan training system are Servicemembers, government officials, or any employee interested in learning how to "manage-up." Through simulated conversations with Army Lieutenant Colonel Steve Jones, users can give a status report and discuss the state of affairs in the Nangarhar province of Afghanistan after an earthquake. While discussing the efforts of the American military, nongovernmental organizations, coalition forces, central Afghan government, and local leadership, users practice conversational strategies to become comfortable briefing, advising, and soliciting information during a status update scenario. Army Lieutenant Colonel Jones is different in every conversation, varying in mood, patience with the user, and level of knowledge and respect for Afghan customs, keeping the interaction between user and superior interesting after numerous plays.

It is the user's job to build rapport with LTC Jones and to bring him up to speed on the current events. This training system aids in increasing comfort levels with tough conversation topics, especially guiding and advising supervisors. Users receive real-time support and feedback from an on-screen coach and post-conversation feedback based on cultural awareness, advising a supervisor, and clarifying goals. After playing this training system, users will be able to approach these difficult topics with supervisors in many fields, allowing them to bring this experience to the real world.