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Are you prepared to give a good answer to Molly’s question?

  • Molly is prepared to ask hundreds of common interview questions
  • Learn how to talk about a wide range of topics with your interviewer

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Interview Questions

Like all interviewers, Molly is prepared to ask over a thousand questions. But, there is a series of common questions that you will be asked during most interviews. Practicing positive answers to these questions will help you be successful during your next interview.

When Molly asks a question, you’ll have a wide range of possible answers, just like in real life. Molly will remember what you’ve said, and shape the interview around what you’ve chosen to share. No matter how many times you play, no two interviews will ever be exactly alike.

Interviewing with Molly will let you practice skills and learn from common mistakes in a safe, private format. An on-screen coach will offer feedback on everything you say during the conversation, and a detailed score at the end of each interview will let you track your progress and identify where to focus for next time.

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After Training

After completing a series of practice interviews, users will be able to make a good first impression and maintain rapport throughout the interview.

Users are able to tell the interviewer about personal strong points and negotiate best arrangements for employment.

On-screen assistance is also available through a help coach who provides real-time feedback. Through post-conversation assessments, users will be able to gauge their progress and identify areas for improvement.


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Molly Porter™




Job Interview Training - Welcome

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Real Results

Research at Northwestern University has shown that interviewing with Molly Porter™ significantly improves interview skills and confidence.

The more users spoke to Molly, the higher their scores climbed—even as they transitioned to higher difficulties.
Preliminary Data, Northwestern University, 5/17/13

The number of users who said they were ready to interview or comfortable interviewing doubled after training with Molly.
Preliminary Data, Northwestern University, 5/17/13

Scientific principles have been combined with the latest virtual reality technology to create a job interview training experience that is engaging, efficient, and effective. This training helps users learn the skills they need for successful job interviews.
Morris Bell, Ph.D. ABPP - Award-Winning Psychologist - Yale School of Medicine

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