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Cultural Training Systems

Iranian Culture Training

Irainian Culture Training

Middle Eastern Culture Training

Middle Eastern Culture Training

Chinese Culture Training

Chinese Culture Training


It's up to you to protect your country; do you have what it takes to gain the trust of potential sources?

These three systems teach cultural awareness and are intended for government agents seeking to protect American interests. Sirous Shirazi, Zhou Wen, and Rasheed Ali Abdullah are potential sources who may be willing to gather or provide intelligence for you, if you can gain their trust. By asking questions about their homelands, life in the United States, their interests, and their families, you may be able to convince them to meet for another interview.

More Information

Users of the counterintelligence training systems are government agents or those training in cultural awareness. They have a simulated conversation with Sirous, Zhou Wen, or Rasheed, where they will be able to get to know their potential source. They can ask questions about families, life in their homelands, life in the United States, and their personal tastes. Users can use all the information Sirous, Zhou Wen, and Rasheed have provided to determine whether or not they are willing to meet again.

The Training

All three men will vary in personalities, suspicions of government agents, and their personal pasts. Users must build enough rapport with the characters to convince them to meet again. Users can answer questions, address concerns, and potentially gain another interview opportunity.

These training systems helps agents work with culturally sensitive topics. By practicing the development of new sources in Iranian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern communities, agents build cultural awareness skills in a consequence-free setting. Users receive real-time support and feedback from an on-screen coach and a post-conversation assessment that scores whether the user gained the trust of the potential source. After playing these training systems, users will be able to confidently and competently talk to any potential source.